Where is Morocco?

Morocco is located in north western Africa, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. It is bordered by Algeria to the east and Mauritania to the south.

How do I get to Morocco ?

As we do not offer flights, you will need to book them yourself. We suggest using either Sky Scanner (a flight comparison site) in order to search for flights from certain countries to Morocco. Alternatively, the following airlines fly to and from Morocco from the UK:
British Airways
Royal Air Maroc
The following airlines fly to and from Morocco from the rest of Europe:
Royal Air Maroc

What is the official language of Morocco ?

The official language is Moroccan Arabic, however French is the recognized business and higher education language.

Do I need a visa ?

If you hold an EU passport you are entitled to visit Morocco for up to 90 days without a visa. If you are coming from outside the EU, we advise you to check with your nearest Moroccan embassy for further information.

What currency is used in Morocco ?

The Moroccan currency is the Dirham (MAD). However, you won’t be able to get hold of any currency outside the country and you cannot bring it in or take it out of Morocco. There are ATM machines and exchange facilities located in the airports as soon as you walk out of arrivals. There are also several ATMs and exchange facilities within walking distance from the riad. We advise you NOT to bring travellers cheques as you will struggle to change them anywhere.

Do I need travel insurance ?

We require all clients to have insurance cover.
Accidents, medical emergencies or other problems can occur on holiday in any country and the resulting costs can be significant. Travel insurance is there for your peace of mind in case something goes wrong, and it should cover any activities that you are planning to participate in .

I am travelling alone, is this ok ?

Not a problem! We regularly host solo travellers, and we will ensure you are well looked after. We arrange a safe pick up service to collect you from the airport (whatever time or day you arrive) and take you directly to the hotel so you don’t have to worry about finding a taxi on your own. Once you arrive, there are plenty of opportunities for you to socialise with other guests, and of course go to the desert with your group!

Can I bring my children ?

Of course! We welcome families with open arms. Please note however, that we do not offer any childcare facilities.

What clothing do you recommend I bring with me ?

Around town:Shorts/t-shirts are fine. It is respectful to cover up your shoulders and knees when going into town.
At night:It can get cooler at night, particularly during the winter so it is advisable to bring some warm clothes (jumper, hoody, cardigan etc.) just in case..

What is the weather like ?